Automated pancake robot

Pancake robot doing it's thing
From batter to nearly inedible finished pancake in only 60 seconds.

I can’t stop thinking about the engineering effort, time, testing, and sheet ingenuity that went into making this $4,000 machine that spits out the worst pancakes I have ever tasted.

Encountered at the Heathrow Airport Doubletree Hotel on our layover coming home from Greece. This was also my first time experiencing manufactured fried eggs that were simply re-heated on site. Each one looked exactly the same and tasted only vaguely like the real thing. Progress!

Impromptu swim lessons for a harbor seal in training

The weather was so nice I cut our run short when we got to the pier and went for a swim in my running clothes. Salty would not come in at first. He freaked out and ran around the pier and float, then for some inexplicable reason picked up my socks and flung them into the water in exasperation, where they sunk before I could get to them. It was hilarious and also sort of problematic, because I had to run back home, wet, with no socks. I did manage to get him into the water eventually, and he swam around a bit, then repeatedly attempted to climb atop me and drag me under.

A free bench in Cleveland

Mat takes a breather in a piece of Cleveland art. This huge stamp may have been one of the highlights of Cleveland, but there were somewhat more impressive things to see on our brief side trip to Niagara Falls. While in town we explored, went to the Zoo, visited the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, and saw the Springsteen show.

Meghan blogged about the experience: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

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The highly eco-friendly Scottish Parliement Building

They devolved in 1997 and took residence here in 2004. Clearly they were going a bit nuts with the symbolism. According to Wikipedia, “the cost of the building (£431 million) remains more controversial than any of the legislation so far passed by the Parliament.” It is quite a nice building.

I’ve just posted a small photo set of Edinburgh, including a neat panorama, from my visit to Scotland with Jessica last July.


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