4 replies on “NBC sucks, real Olympics fans watch the CBC”

  1. There was another article somewhere talking about how internet sites (like BBC Sport) were taking measures to make sure that foreigners weren’t able to watch. The Olympics is licenced per country. I’m surprised that NBC didn’t put up a fuss about the CBC in Seattle. NBC’s website apparantly requiries you to give them an American Visa card number in order to get some of the content. First region codes on DVDs, now this. We’re moving to a global society and eventually, corporations will have to move with us.

  2. Hi,
    NBC should be ashamed of their first days coverage of Tae kwon do. At 1:00 AM today, the schedule said “tae kwon do Live”, what a joke,I waited until 3:35, to watch ONLY 2 matches…… looking at the TKD Schedule there were probably 40 matches minimum. I stayed up to record the matches for my son by the way!!! There was more time spent on “REPLAYING” wrestling, swimming, a ton of events, rather than focusing on the events of the day, or for that matter, what was stated by you as the event between 1-3 AM….. a time when most young adults are sleeping,,,,,,
    I hope to see more coverage of Tae Kwon do at a “DECENT” hour so more future olympian tae kwon do atheletes like my son, a
    “5” time medalist in Tae kwon do Junior Olympics can watch, as well as nurture their dreams.
    There are more future atheletes out there than future swimmers or track stars you know…….


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