One reply on “Olympic beach volleyball players (official uniform: bikini) thinks cheerleaders in bikinis dancing between points is “disrespectful””

  1. Oy, Beth and I watched a bit of the vollyball over AIM and she brought it up. She couldn’t understand why they were playing in bikinis. Is this that much different from figure skating or gymnastics?

    I think this brings up a good point. Everyone always sees the olympics as this clean, proud, and in a sense more legitimate sporting event than anything else. What makes it legitimate or moreso than other events? The fact is that they (the olympics people) have simply made it seem that way. Sure, it doesn’t have ads in the stadiums and such, but that’s kinda just part of the ethos they are putting on. The same can be said for the elite universities. A lot of the feeling of “special-ness” that students feel about the schools has little to nothing to do with an objective measure of quality. Even US news, which tries to rank them, admits that a quarter of the rankings is simply what people think of them. In addition, everything else in their rankings could be said to be a factor of the previous. But back to the Olympics. They are special because people say they are special and because they are rare. With a 4 year gap between them, they have no chance of becoming commonplace and people’s opinions about it ensure that they don’t have to make concessions (like holding them more often orhaving ads in the stadiums).

    It’s interesting to think about. Of course, most would probably find it more interesting to look at the cheerleaders. Hey, I’m sure Adidas is happy with their three-banded orange uniforms.;)

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