Parking tickets

Once again I got parking tickets in Newport. This time, instead of tickets with built-in mailers, I got printed tickets that seemed more like receipts. Only problem with the new system: you check a box saying either “NOT GUILTY” with instructions on having a hearing, or “NOT GUILTY”, with instructions on how to send payment.

So…yeah. Aren’t we missing something here? I marked “NOT GUILTY,” signed on the line, and mailed in my check.

2 replies on “Parking tickets”

  1. Haha! I wonder if that means you won’t get points on your license because you declared not guilty.

  2. You don’t get points on your license for parking tickets. For one, there is no license “associated” with a parking ticket, as there is no driver.

    But that is a pretty amusing set of options. Hey, they really do believe that you are NOT GUILTY. They just want your money.

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