3 replies on “Transcripts of OnStar Service Conversations Not Selected for Commercials”

  1. These are the bigest load of BS i have ever read. Onstar is the best service many of time and saved my and my husbands life. I you read it clearly though you can see mistacks. If he locked his keys in the car all onstar could do is unlock the whole car not just the trunk also the advisor would not know the location of the vehical. If you are reading this it is not the real onstar it is just some jelous stupid moron who does not know the true greetnes of this service

  2. Well, I would agree that they are probably jokes, but I don’t see any “mistacks”. I know that OnStar can locate cars using GPS, but I’m not surprised that they can’t find out where his “vehical” is. I’m not sure how “jelousy” would impact what one would say about OnStar, but I’m sure that many people find it really “greet”.

    Eh, these fake transcripts have given me one of the “bigest” laughs I’ve had in a while.

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