Sunday In the Dorm With George

Little to report as of late. I’m reading an incredibly interesting book about the American media entitled Amusing Ourselves To Death by Neal Postman. I am finding evidence of everything he says everywhere that I see a television, newspaper, or oral presentation.

Justin, Jonathan, and I went to Costco with Avi from the next building over (he has a very nice Saab with lots of trunk space for his drums). We bought three cases of water, three of soda, and three of root beer, plus muffins and assorted other fun stuff. I fog my favorite Alouet cheese concoction, now I just need to get some crackers and meats.

I’ve been reorganizing all of my music over the last few days, recovering from the Great Hard Drive Crash of 2001 ™. I’m finding stuff all over on all my different hard drives, plus I’m pulling a lot of things from Gnutella, friends, and my CDs to build my collection back up. In the process I’m discovering lots of music that I’d never heard before and really like, so I see a CD purchasing binge coming.

I’m also getting into techno a bit, which might scare my family members but isn’t really seen as very odd around here.

Now back to my Postman reading.