2 replies on “90% of office workers will give away their password in exchange for a cheap pen”

  1. Wow. That’s a bit disturbing. Although, I think that a father naming his daughter Tasmin might be more disturbing. Am I just paranoid for not giving my password out? Am I paranoid for having a random combination of numbers and digits that hold no significance to me or anyone else – other than the coincidental? Yikes!

    I got an email from “CitiBank” a while back saying that there had been a lot of identity theft lately and that in order to safeguard my account, I had to confirm my banking details and it had a link. Of course, the entire message was a JPG image that was linked to some website and it was sent to an email address that Citi doesn’t have for me so I knew it was a fake – plus the #FFFFFF text at the bottom that read things like Nintendo Moon X TV Java didn’t really look official either. Anyone know where I should report such a thing?

  2. My first password ever was “password” [wow, I was a really lame 8-year-old]

    This comment was going to be useful and link to an old Slashdot story about workers who gave away their passwords for a bar of chocolate, but it’s linked in the “related stories” section of this link.

    Sean: Contact CitiBank. They should know who to contact above that….

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