6 replies on “John Kerry bombed on the Daily Show”

  1. I didn’t see the clip (I’m waiting for it to come up on the Daily Show website), but my friend just posted this in her LiveJournal:

    Who watched the Daily Show last night? JOHN KERRY WAS THERE! I thought it was pretty great.

    I guess at least some people thought he did a good job…

  2. The important thinbg about this is not whether Kerry was any good as a guest on The Daily Show, but rather the fact that he simply was a guest on it. It’s a step towards Jon Stewart being a serious force in late night…and the one I always forget to watch, dammit.

  3. No, the important thing is Kerry answering his critics, framing the debate, talking about issues, and not parroting the same tired lines. If Kerry wants to win this thing, he needs to control the dialogue, and the best way to do that is NOT to breeze right pass the softball questions without giving meaningful answers just so that you can recite the same retired spiel. And would it hurt that guy to be just the tiniest bit funny?

  4. I disagree I thought he came off pretty well.

    The whole comment about the being in vietnam clearly displayed the ridiculousness of the whole swift boat controversy.

    The whole America wanting intelligent discussion was all the better because of the fact that it was stated on a “fake” news show, clearly saying that the “real” news shows aren’t doing it

    And I thought the best line he gave was addressing the “Flip-flopper” label, the president is stubbornly continuing down the wrong path, ignoring the glaring warning signs. I’d rather have a president that intelligently questions his decisions, rather than forges ahead blindly.

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