Best professors?

It’s my last year at Brandeis, and I’d like to take some classes that are just really good. I’ve re-tallied all of my various requirements and found that there are six classes I need to take (I somehow missed one in Journalism!) including an independent study and an internship, so I have a few free blocks to take things that are just good. Because of the sorry state of my GPA, it would help if they weren’t terribly difficult, as well. I’m gonna try for straight As, which will be a fun goal since so far I’ve never done it at Brandeis. And, since its my senior year, I’m gonna be taking a lot more high-level classes then I was first semester freshman year, when I got closest to this goal (4 As, one B+ because I only went to COSI 2a about 1/3 of the time).

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  1. Anything with Janet McIntosh. Seriously. I’ve taken 3 classes with her and she’s my advisor in the anthropology department.

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