So apparently there is a cut of Star Wars Episode 1 going around Hollywood that removes a lot of useless scenes like Jar Jar Binks. I want it! Instead, Lucas releases Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace on DVD with an extra six hours of crap…err..I mean important footage about how they made it. Yeah, that’s it.

Anyway, I finally graduated from high school. No comment. It was a long Grad Night, and I am very tired. I feel good about moving on to Brandeis.

Saw Moulin Rouge for the second time today. Great movie. Will write more when I can be coherant.

Most importantly, now posted for your viewing pleasure, my 90 second segment on TechTV today about web filtering junk. I would explain everything that has happened in the last few days and about my Salon.com article being published and me being very excited, but, again, I am tired and a bit out of it.

* My Salon.com Article: Censorship High
* The Salon Letters to the Editor
* My TechTV Interview

Apparently I’m going to be on KFI AM 640 Los Angeles radio for half an hour on Saturday, I’ll see if I can get a tape of that as well to put online. It’s exciting but a bit scary to be getting all this attention. I’m glad to be promoting a cause I believe in, though, so its all for the best.