I like having pictures. I like having taken the pictures. I don’t like walking around with a camera taking people’s pictures, because it makes the social situation awkward. When I have my wearable, this will be less of an issue.

I put my photos online, but previously I’ve never really done much with them in the real world. Tonight I went through and printed a bunch of photos of people in my life and stuck them to a wall of my room. What will be interesting is to see the reactions of others who have seen my previous rooms, but more importantly to me is my own reaction. Will I look at the pictures consciously? Will I see one of them from time to time in the corner of my eye and have it trigger a memory? Will they simply fade into the background, like some of my other room decorations?

I actually find it sorta shocking that this is the first time I’ve done this. It’s also the first time I’ve had a printer capable of printing decent (although not great) quality pictures. So really, it was a technology-motivated change more then anything. My new printer made it possible.

Our environment and circumstances really has a lot of subtle effects on us. Because I only take digital photos, the idea of finding some way to get them into the real world never really occured to me back when I would have had to actively seek it out. It is only sheer coincidence that I happened to get a printer that included some free photo paper, tried out said paper, decided I liked printing photos, and started doing it in earnest.