Weekend adventures

My class schedule is just about perfect. I have a block of classes midday on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, with only an early PE on Tuesday and nothing Friday. The best part is the three day weekends, which I am enjoying a lot. Like this one, for instance.

Friday was a lazy day. I did crosswords and read news in the morning and in the afternoon wandered around campus. I only bring this up because there are pictures. Oh, and one of Igor in his room between the time when his old windows were removed and his new windows were installed. Wouldn’t it be neat if windows were as clear and seamless as real life?

Between the crosswords and the wandering, however, Rachel took me to a small local organic farm. We took pictures (I like the one with the pumpkins), pet the dog, and picked raspberries from the vine. It was a neat experience, and I agree with Rachel that everyone should have the experience of picking their own food, if not growing it.

Today I went on an adventure of a different sort. Kevin‘s company consolidated two older offices into one big new one, and consequently a lot of old office furniture was up for the taking. While we missed a lot of the good stuff, we did find some useful bits and pieces. I rented a truck from U-Haul and we spent most of the day doing just that.

First we moved out some bookshelves for Kevin and a chair for Rachel, then got to work on table components for Igor to arrange in the Justice office. Kelli showed up to help with Natalie in tow after the two of them finished shopping for wedding dresses (now there’s something you don’t do everyday!). We did some heavy math and determined that it was impossible to fit the conference table that I had my eye on into the elevator. That did not deter us however, as we went on an expedition to find the various staircases and figure out which were safe to use. We eventually determined that staircase B held our answer, but in order to get the table out we would need to set off an alarm in the lobby. Kevin had the brilliant idea of calling (and negotiating with) the alarm company, Igor had the brilliant idea of sliding the massive table down on the banisters, and I had the brilliant idea of, well, providing a lot of heavy lifting. We tripped the alarm, got the table out, got the alarm fixed, and loaded everything up in the truck. Meanwhile, Kelli provided lots of taunting and other forms of moral support. We ended up with a pretty good haul.

At this point it was 9:00pm, we had missed Adam’s Break Fast, and the truck had to be returned by early the next (this) morning. A drive to Brandeis later, and Kevin, Kelli, and I took a break while Igor directed Justice and Union people in the unloading of the goods. We finally got it all wrapped up, bookshelves unloaded in Medford, truck returned, and me back to campus at around 1:30am. Phew! What a long day! Time for some must-deserved rest.

Oh, and I ordered a new radio for my car that will allow me to plug in my iPod. Yay! Life is pretty good. All right, good night, world.

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