6 replies on “If you can’t beat ’em, challenge ’em”

  1. See, I was taught in school that when something posesses something else, you use “it’s.” If you would say “GOP’s” then you should say “it’s.” But everyone else seems to disagree.

  2. Speaking about the article, Republicans have been doing a lot to ban Democrat-voting groups from getting to the polls. Jeb Bush in Florida was the first governer of that state to push for huge enforcement of a law that bans ex-felons from voting. Not only is that unconstitutional, but the law was originally intended to keep balcks from voting after the end of the civil-war. How disgusting!

    There have been numerous threats saying that people would be arrested if they were behind on their rent and tried to vote, if they had a warrant out for their arrest, or if they just looked funny. I think it might be time for foreign observers for our elections. If this crap happened in some other country, we’d comment on how crappy a democracy they have.

    We need to move beyond where we are to something better.

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