3 replies on “Treo 650, you say?”

  1. Do you really like Nextel that much? I know that you probably get good coverage around Brandeis because of their low-frequency transmissions, but their transmissions are in the same range as Cingular and Verizon so you should get equal coverage around campus with all three. Outside of the Brandeis area, I would think that Cingular or Verizon would be an asset since they have larger national networks.

    Oh, and I also want a brownie sundae. I feel like Chum’s might have one.

  2. I guess the size of the national network only matters if you use it. I’d gladly turn in my Nextel for a new Treo, but then I’d have to start paying my own phone bills. And also, like Aaron said, it’s freakin expensive.

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