2 replies on “The conservative Tampa Tribune refuses to endorse Bush”

  1. Talk about acerbic!

    I was feeling bad because all these liberal newspapers were lambasting Bush, but now that I see a pretty darn conservative newspaper following suit, I have to question if it was just partisanship on the part of other papers *ahem*newyorktimes*cough*. It makes me feel a bit better to see that the Bush-Bashing crosses political boundaries 🙂

  2. I just like that some of these publications that either don’t endorse or generally endorse conservative are speaking out so strongly against Bush. If only Kerry’s campaign could have been, ya know, worthwhile, and talked about issues like these newspapers are talking about. In general, I agree with them that he is a pretty lackluster candidate, but its pretty telling when a conservative newspaper would say, in effect, “anyone but Bush.”

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