3 replies on “Photo iPod? Puh-leez. How about something useful, like an XM iPod?”

  1. I have to agree with the crappiness of the photo iPod. I don’t think that an XM device is going to be an iPod killer because it’s radio (although, arguably better) while the iPod is more along the line of CDs. Plus, the iPod is a good deal cheaper. $300 for 20GB vs. $350 plus $10/mo. In a year, that makes the iPod $170 cheaper. In two years, it makes the iPod nearly half the price. I guess you could argue that you could argue that you have to fill the iPod with music while the XM device comes pre-filled to a certain extent. Eh. I <3 my iPod.

  2. Yes, you’re saying what the article says. But the conclusion of the article (and my point) is that combining them into one would be highly useful, especially if you can record from XM to your iPod.

  3. I’m fond of the podcasting idea – there’s a great deal that could be done with it.

    I’m largely pissed that the new 60GB iPod is only available in the photo version. I give no fuck about a color screen and the ability to carry photos – I just want the 60 gigs so that I can hold more music.

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