One reply on “The American electoral campaign is about image over everything else, and Americans are woefully uninformed”

  1. Gordie (Fellman) says that 15% of Americans vote on issues. That’s a bit disturbing.

    Recently, one EU nation came out against a referendum on the new constitution saying that most people wouldn’t even read it when voting on it. There is a good point there.

    Of course, how do you ensure a fair and just government without it being dictated by the plebicite? There has to be a better why of choosing government that benefits the people more, but I can’t think of it. Maybe we should make people take a voter quiz before voting (on the issues and the candidate’s stance on them). Then the votes could be worth different values based on how much a person knew. Of course, that would easily be corrupted by people with cheat-sheets at the polls.

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