One reply on “MPAA bill will make fast-forwarding through trailers illegal”

  1. Content owners want to move us to a system where they make money for 100% of the efforts rather than for a good percentage of their efforts. They want ultimate, perfect enforcement of copyright.

    Of course, people cannot live in such a police-state. They need to feel a certain level of freedom to do things. When people are too restricted, they just shut down.

    What’s even worse is that the content industry sees this as an oppertunity not to make it a more fair situation for customers (for example, if they have perfect enforcement, they could lower prices). No, they see it as a situation to extort customers even more. Boy would they have hated a the way things were before there was national communication and such. Then, people would have been able to take their content and moved it to a location further away and just distributed it there. For example, at one time video-tape was patented. The movie industry just moved far enough away from Kodak so that they couldn’t be controled by Kodak. Oh, how the impious have changed.

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