“Private areas aren’t so private anymore” says Boston Herald

“Private areas aren’t so private anymore” says Boston Herald – The actual headline is even funnier. I don’t get it, though. I just do what I’m supposed to do at airports and never, ever have a problem. No bag searches, no pat downs, nothing. I don’t wear metal, I don’t wear huge clothing, I take everything out of my pockets and my computer out of my bag, I put it all on the conveyor, I wait for a signal to walk through the metal detector, and I never set it off, so I never require “secondary screening.” Come on people, it’s not that hard.

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  1. Not that I condone the ridiculous “security” measures — I don’t. I think it is a stupid, useless, and sure, in some cases humiliating waste of time and effort with very little useful purpose served. But I’ve said that before, to excess. All I’m saying here is that people (well, women, actually) are suddenly so surprised and confused by these “new” procedures that seem pretty similar to what I’ve been seeing all along, and are just now making a stink about stupid “security” procedures that have been coming at us since back in 2001. A little late to the ballgame, folks.

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