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  2. I was just reading the FARK thread on this, and, admittedly, it is a skewed sample (i.e. idiots), but there were quite a lot of angry people who tended to believe the teacher, especially with this being in California. Makes you ask yourself, are people really that eager to believe that a school would ban the teaching of the Declaration of Independence? That is just so…amazingly non-sensical. I mean, take all of your wacky prejudices against California and throw them in a stew with a couple extra cups of crazy, stir to a boil, and I still don’t see how you could possibly believe that a public school would ban the teaching of the founding document of our country.

    So of course it is a lie, and I will continue to maintain that until proven otherwise, clearly and conclusively. Because I like to subscribe to logic, rather than stupidity.

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    Declaration of Independence ban at public school said bogus: Teacher reportedly forced pupils to listen to Christian dogma
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    Declaration Of Independence banned!

    The seemingly preposterous headline made major waves on the conservative Drudge Report and Fox News network Wednesday, joining Reuters and the Associated Press, in a misleading story that exhibited serious reportorial negligence, RAW STORY has learned.

    [Snipped. -Danny]

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