3 replies on “A solution to spam – DDoS?”

  1. I wasn’t able to use the screen-saver, but the little flash thing online is AMAZING! It lets you click a button to help out. You can just keep pressing it and making requests. It’s great. You can even report spam sites through their interface.

    Interestingly, one of the sites that they are doing this to is now redirecting to their anti-SPAM website (probably in the hopes that Lycos will flood themselves). Maybe Lycos needs to put in a check mechanism that checks every hour to see if the site is still at its normal stuff. Just try going to http://getpaid2.com

  2. Sod writing filters that fight back. Whatever happened to people that fight back?

    Whatever happened to the vigilante spirit? Why don’t the people in the know publish the whereabouts of Alan Ralsky and other such spammers. If anyone can publish the name and address of (and provide sufficient evidence for) spammers in Dorset, England, I’ll happily bring a crowbar closer to their face as part of my Ethical Realignment programme.

    Usual price (per course semester): £1199.95
    Introductory crash course for free if you’re an unremorseful shite of a spammer.

    Now where did I put my balaclava…

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