Woe is my schedule

I went into this semester expecting to have the best schedule in the world — internship Mon and Wed, classes on Tues, Thurs and Fri off (or, rather, used for things like publishing a newspaper and doing homework and hanging out with important people). Instead, due to various circumstances, I’m stuck with something that is far from ideal, and I don’t really see much hope of making it better.

Internship will be Wed/Thurs, with classes at various random times on Mon/Tue/Fri. Hoot production will be hard because we do it on Wed/Thurs, after my internship and, on Weds, in the middle of my internship class. Going to the gym is going to pose quite a challenge due to my days being pretty full, since 6pm is about peak time around there, and they really need a lot more machines. And already I’m getting scheduled into or invited to lots of meetings. I’m finding myself blocking out times that I thought I had but now realize are not safe unless I have something in there in CorporateTime so that I don’t get pulled into things. This shared calendar is a curse!