2 replies on “Hackers steal ID info from Virginia university”

  1. At least someone had to work to steal those…mine was stolen as a result of stupidity…

    “Dear applicant:

    I write on behalf of Dean Karen Wixson.

    On Saturday, January 29th, while traveling, a University of Michigan
    School of Education faculty member had her laptop computer stolen.
    The computer contained files of graduate student applications for admission
    to the School that included names, Social Security Numbers, dates of birth,
    and other personal information. You have been identified as one of the
    individuals represented in these data files.

    We are notifying you as a precaution because the loss of this computer
    could make your personal data accessible to individuals not authorized by
    the University of Michigan to see this information. The information in
    these files could potentially be used to steal your identity. As a
    safeguard, we encourage you to observe practices like monitoring billing
    statements for accuracy and checking credit reports periodically. Identity
    theft has become a growing concern in our country and these are good
    practices to follow as a matter of course.”

    Thanks a lot UMich!!

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