Being sick

One of these days I’ll post an entry for which I won’t have to click the “personal” category checkbox. But not this one.

Last Friday I stayed up until, oh, 6:30am to get out the second issue of The Hoot. When I awoke on Saturday, I felt pretty bad. Since then I’ve had an ongoing headache, dizziness, and a sore throat. The symptoms wax and wane but never completely go away. I’ve been tired and sleeping a lot. I’ve been hungry and eating a lot. I don’t really have a good understanding of how sick I am, because it keeps changing, but I would say mild to moderate. Its enough to be really annoying and stop me from wanting to go do anything, but not enough so that I feel miserable.

I feel trapped in a strange middle condition where I can’t tell if I am getting better or worse. I don’t feel well enough to go to the gym, but I have a lot of energy and am really fidgety. I should be doing things like school work (which I really have very little of at this point), but I’m not doing well at focusing. Admittedly that’s not new, but in this instance I’m bored and not going anywhere, so there is no reason not to do something vaguely useful. But I can’t even bring myself to do things relating to my computer, or my web site, or any other kind of thing that I might do to waste time.

In short, it is all very strange. I hope it goes away soon. I’m not in great pain, I’m not bedridden, so I’m happy about that, but being in this weird purgatory state is driving me crazy. And that’s about all I can stand to sit still and write right now. Sigh, back to lying in bed, flipping TV channels. Which is something I never, ever do. What’s going on here?