The Quest For the Holy Pants

I have a clothing thing. Not really sure what to call it. Sensitive/dry skin, discomfort, whatever. So I need very soft, very specific clothes. Nothing can cling, everything has to lay nicely without stretchiness. No stiff collars. Nothing that can’t be tucked in (meaning pretty long). And everything at least somewhat loose and baggy. So it is almost impossible to find me clothes.

Linda and I went shopping yesterday for winterware. See, when you live in New England, you need cold-weather clothes. Like, uh…pants. And long-sleeve shirts. And boots. And I really had none of these things. So we went on a bit of a spree. I found my new favorite store, Timberland, with very wonderful soft shirts (that I will be sure to use lots of fabric softener on to keep them comfy) and some nice shoes and a jacket. My biggest problem was really pants. After a few stores Linda figured out what I don’t like, and she stopped suggestion most normal fabric things.

We found a nice pair of cords in black, but nothing really superb. Finally, at the last store, Abercrombie & Fitch, right before we were going to leave, on my final pass, I saw a side rack that wasn’t part of any display. On it I saw one pair of very nice wine-colored pants. They looked thick and warm, but comfortable. I could tell instantly that they were perfect.

But one pair! No way they could be my size! But I knew they were, and they indeed were, and they were the only pair in the store, and they were perfect!!! The pants gods were shining down on me, or I am just incredibly lucky, but I now have a new favorite pair of pants. Yay! *smiles* And now I’ll stop laughing at people who wear the stupid $30 Abercrombie t-shirts. I still think they’re stupid (the shirts, not the people), but I like that store now.

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  1. one pair of pants, I heard you got several pairs of pants from Grandma. Was she right? Did you leave something out of the story? Glad to hear you have a new pair of favorite pants and found some new nice stores. You can actually wear corduroys in CA, I am wearing them right now.

  2. I enjoyed the shopping experience with you. Let’s do that again sometime. I am glad you liked what we found. See you soon.

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