Enough Talk Of Television

Mock Trial tonight, and it didn’t go as well as the previous meetings, but good enough. We had a lot more people with “experience” show up then I expected, and naturally our demonstration of a witness examination was therefore often interrupted by objections and criticism. It was all productive and all, but I wish I had prepared more, or stresses that this was not the real thing. It was all a bit odd.

After MT I got to see the last 2 hrs. of JFK, which was assigned for Jerry Cohen’s class and was being shown – again for the third time – on the same night as a Mock Trial meeting. Worse still, he thought that he had reserved our room! I made him move to Brown 316 (heh) and then went to talk to the people at Kutz. They gave us a printout of the confirmation form that “proved” the room belonged to us on Wednesdays at 7. Wow…I feel so…powerful. Or not.

Despite my reluctance to attempt a “dance,” I have been apparently setup for the Screw Your Roommate dance with a female unit under the name of Monisha Cherayil. Doing my general background research on anyone I hear about (namely, typing the name into Google and seeing what comes up) I found a few essays by Monisha on one of her friend’s blogs. This led me to explore the blog and find out a bit about Tingting and then find her college rapsheet. It is instructive. Here I feel bad about my lower test scores, less activities, or whatever, and then I look at where she got in and I realize it all is kinda a wash. Tingting has much higher test scores then I do (and mine are none too shabby), more APs, more cool positions, but ultimately we got in to most of the same schools and rejected from the same, with one notable exception. Guess which. Yeah, yeah, MIT. But we both got into Berkeley and UCSD, I didn’t apply for UCLA or Wellesley but did apply to Brandeis, obviously, and got in like she did, and we both got our rejections from Yale and Stanford, and I got one from Princeton while she got one from Harvard. She appears to be more mathematically apt then myself, so I wish her well at MIT, and am still content with my school.

What was I talking about? Oh, nevermind, I’m going to sleep. Or to catch up on some reading.