He who hesitates…

In many small decisions I am often less than decisive. Be it what to eat, where to go, or what to do I’m often ambivalent, except that generally I have at least a few possibilities in my head and my ambivalence is of the sort of “let’s do any of the things I have in mind” as opposed to “let’s do something that I completely dislike,” and the hope is that someone else will hav at least one of the same things in mind as I and suggest it, and we’ll all be happy. Strangely enough, we do not have any way to create psychic Venn diagrams, and this works correctly a remarkably small portion of the time. I haven’t found a solution for this dilemna yet.

Other times, the choice is a simple yes or no, one or the other choice, and often I demonstrate the same ambivalence, but this time it is more along the lines of “either option is fine by me, which would make you happier,” and frequently the other person gives me the same right back, “either option is okay, which do you like better?” It is a strange loop.

Even sillier when it involves holding off on a choice until morning, because I am generally not at my best cranial capacity in the morning, and then, 6 minutes after I’ve woken up and right when I think I’ve made up my mind, bang, door slam, the decision has been made through my inaction. Whoops!

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  1. Dude! The book is so worth the $30! Seriously, though, Frank Yates (the author) was my professor last semester and he (as well as his book) is really great. He has also published a bunch of articles on decision-making, so if you don’t want to pay the $30, you could look up some of his articles for free on jstor or EBSCOhost (the psychology journal site).

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