Wow, I’ve been posting quite a lot of remainders recently. Well, let’s break it up a bit by throwing in some photo galleries that I finally got around to putting online. I think my finals and post-college/pre-job time is probably going to be spent going on a few adventures and spending a lot of time doing some digital housekeeping. All of these files and things really need to be cleaned up and organized and backed up.

  • Apple Picking (Sept 30, 2004) – Kelli, Aaron, Beth and I went out on a pretty day near the end of fall to pick some apples. I thought I had put these pictures up a while back, but apparently not.
  • Michigan (Nov 5-7, 2004) – Adam Herman owed me some money so he decided to repay me by buying me a plane ticket to come visit. 🙂 I got to see his cat, Yanna, her cat, UMich, and some local scenery. It was a lot of fun, but Adam’s car was scary. Like, strange colored smoke coming out of the vents, a windshield that wouldn’t un-fog and had a massive crack through it, etc. You have fixed that stuff by now, RIGHT???
  • Hawaii (Dec 24 – 30) – This is going to be the year of fun vacations. Apparently at some point my parents realized we should really be getting out more. We went to Hawaii over winter break and I get to go to the Bahamas over finals! I wrote down my thoughts on the trip back in December, and they still hold.

Of the Hawaii batch, I’m especially fond of this picture and this one. More stuff to come, and I’ll be sure to take lots and lots of pictures at Atlantis.

Edit: Yeah, Michigan and apple picking were definitly there before, and something happened to them. I’ve upgraded to a newer version of Gallery and re-imported all the albums, and things seem to be happy again. Gonna keep an eye on things for a while and make sure all of my backups are functioning correctly as well…