My 43 Things

I keep thinking of things I want to do, either in the immediate future, after graduation, or just at some indeterminate point, and I wanted to make a list. Luckily I stumbled upon 43 Things, a site where people make lists of the goals they want to accomplish and can talk about their progress and help others. It is a simple concept, well executed, and perfectly fit my needs. The thought is that 43 is a good number of things to have on your mind at once. Too many more and you’ll never accomplish anything, and if you aim too low you’re not being fair to yourself. So far I have sixteen things on my list, which you can view here. I’m sure it will change over time.

I’m putting the most immediate concerns at the top and the more etheral (or inconvenient) goals down near the bottom. Among my goals so far is to find a job, get an apartment, go white water rafting, and learn photography. As I think of things, I will add them. Next I need to start doing them.