In 1996 Apple was wandering in a wasteland of mismanagement and Power Computing came along with some kick-ass Mac clones. I remember my PowerTower Pro 180, it is the first computer I can remember custom-configuring myself. Power Computer PowerTower ProI obsessed over it for weeks, possibly months, figuring out all the specs, reading up on all of the subsystems and busses and add-ons. I loved that computer. I haven’t had such excitement and passion for a computer since.

For the past few days I have just been giddy with excitement about my new Nikon D70 camera. I have been reading everything I can about it, how it works, lenses, filters, tripods, speed lights (flashes), everything. Nikon D70 Digital SLR CameraI specced it out, I compared models, I read the literature, I decided which one I wanted, and finally I made the purchase, and I couldn’t be happier. Every hour I reload the FedEx tracking page and bang on my desk because it is still in New Jersey. It would have been more efficient to have driven down to New York City to get it myself, and if I was more adventurous (and thought of it) I might just have done it. Come on camera, get here!

I really hope this good feeling continues, after all, I did just blow $1000 on a new camera. And with expensive cameras come expensive accessories. I’d better watch out, because if I get too into this I might have to buy a $200 flash or a $300 telephoto lens or a $20 trigger remote or a $100 tripod…

Let’s take it slow, shall we? Can anyone recommend any good places around here for photography classes?

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  1. Hey! I had a Power Computing computer, too. The Power Base 120 with a PowerPC 604 chip was the first computer I owned. It lasted from early 1996 until late 2000. I haven’t been in love with any of my computers since; sadly, they’ve all been Windows machines. But my new PowerBook, with Tiger, is on its way, which is very exciting.

  2. The PowerBook has arrived, and I love it. Finally, I have come back from the Windows wilderness. (Only a few hours, and I’m already a hardcore Mac evangelist.)

  3. That’s awesome, glad to hear it has worked out. Check out LaunchBar or Quicksilver. I personally find that the Dock is not “all that it can be,” so to speak, and either of those two apps makes up completely for its deficiancies.

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