Kottke beat me!

I’ve been spending a bunch of time lately implementing some neat stuff on this site. The idea is to remove all of the side navigation and allow users to access content dynamically by clicking the tabs on top (“About Me,” “Photos,” etc.). In order to do this, when you click the link I dynamically load information into a hidden field on the page and then transfer it into a container so that it appears the right way in the right place. While i’m playing with it you can click the little “flip!” links up on top to see the work, in progress and far from complete.

So of course today Jason Kottke has to go and update his site with dynamically loading content using a ridiculously simple JavaScript to do it. So basically, all this time I’ve spent trying to learn JavaScript and figure out how to make this work can pretty much be eliminated by dropping in his 20 lines of code. Gah!

Not to mention I don’t feel very unique anymore. Oh well.