My sustenance for the day was doughnuts and Cheet-Os ™ provided by Sara at the Mock Trial thing. Thanks a lot, Sara. Sigh.

2 replies on “Subsistence”

  1. Just wanted to be sure you noticed the comment I just added to an entry from a few days back (thought for the day). Didn’t know if I should have put it here, or if you are notified somehow of comments that are added at random to your journal by people who just want to see if you’re paying attention. Now get out of here and go study. Do you think your parents are spending so much money so you can read drivel like this? And, what’s up with all the TV time??????? Are you out of your mind? Do something productive with your life, would you? You’re a Discovery Toys child for God’s sake!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Wow, I was about to go and study, but now you’re comment has made me decide to look into some little script for finding the five latest comments and linking to them at the top of the page. ::squeal:: A new challenge!

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