Vision Quest

I could move forward with my vision of setting up some kind of funky servers on my OS X box to consolidate all of my email, web, and planning stuff into one place (LDAP, whatever you use for calendars). Or I could just write that I’m thinking about it, and perhaps this more limited action will give me respite enough from my visions so that I can continue with my preparations for finals and my last research papers of the semester. I hope this works.

My last USEM class was today, and most other classes are ending next week. Its kinda sad, you know? I feel like we haven’t really gotten closure in some of our classes. At least in News On Screen we’ve made it to the Internet, but I still feel we havn’t talked enough about how public spheres relate to the new interconnected world, and sadly it is now impossible to do so. In conspiracy we’ve gotten to alien abductions, but we still haven’t talked about the newest conspiracy theories and the latest research. But still in Consipracy at least I feel that we’ve done a pretty good overview and are basically finished, or at least enough so that we can end it. Philosophy will never end, but since I didn’t put enough effort into that class, it is probably best that I can start over with a new philosophy class in the future and devote more time to it. I still haven’t learned anything valuable in Intro CoSi, and I don’t plan to, I must simply do another of the dreary web projects using Scheme, and must content myself that at least I konw more about UNIX then 90% of the class.

I went into CS expecting something like my high school MST (Math/Science/Technology) class. Learning how computers work, yeah, I’ve done that, but its okay. What I really wanted to learn was how to use UNIX and *NIX derivatives, to understand more about OOP, the latest web standards (XML, etc) and protocols. I got none of it. But perhaps I aimed to high. Ah, well. Conspiracy class looks set to begin, so I’ll finish up here.

I have a bunch of classes next semester but I don’t know how many of them will stick over winter break, I might be changing things, so I won’t list them now. All in all though, a productive and fun first semester. Here’s hoping semester 2 of my college career is even better.