Basically every commercial following Sept. 11th has disgusted me, especially ones that try to work within the “new world” we have after the attacks. Some of the worst offenders: Saturn, the Travel Industry, and Ford “Striving To Make the World A Better Place” Motors.

Just now I saw the 400th cycle of the “I Love New York” commercial narrated by Whoopi Goldberg. Gotta say, their new campaign to “Paint the Town Red, White & Blue” isn’t as bad as most other things I’ve seen. In fact, while I am completely against the terrible consumerism that has engulfed America (and made our economy thrive), I do think its somewhat “patriotic,” if that is the word, to visit New York City. This city relies greatly on tourism and the terrible tragedy of Sept. 11 has decimated the city enough as it is without bankrupting another ten thousand businesses. Yeah, go to New York, have a good time, and spend your money. If you’re going to spend it anyway, this is the best place to do it.