The page that Rennert built

Back in 1999 there was a big to-do about the incredibly wealthy Ira Rennert’s building of a massively huge house in Southampton, New York. Exposés were written about Rennert, how he aquired his money, and what sort of scary things he was going to do in his massive new compound. His neighbors sued to block him from building the monstrosity, claiming that, while 20,000 sq. ft. is fine and dandy, 42,000 sq. ft. is just a bit too ostentatious.

All this having nothing to do with me, except that when we were visiting the Hamptons last year, we drove by the Rennert compound and I was able to snap a few bad pictures of it from afar (close up it is surrounded by high walls of brush).

When you search for Rennert on Google Images, the *only* actual pictures of the house returned are those taken by me, which has led to the odd phenomenom of people using my photos page as a place for social commentary. I only found out about this today when I received a slightly inappropriate email from someone who was searching fro Rennert house imagery and stumbled across my site. Go figure.

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  1. unfortunately, you are wrong. there are tons of images from the wedding held there a few weeks ago…you just got to know who to ask.


  2. Well friend, when they appear on Google Images when you search for “Rennert compound” then my entry will be out of date, not wrong. But for now it is still accurate, because I just tried the search and only my images appear.

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