Running towards something

The blog has reappeared from a hiatus/power outage, as have I. Yesterday, with the help of Kevin, Alex, and Igor, I moved most of my belongings from 5A Union St to 87 Monument St, my new home for at least the next year. Last night I slept here for the first time. This morning I took the bus to work for the first time, and had my first day on the job without a direct supervisor, as my boss Jesse’s last day was on Friday. I was called into my first official meeting today, i.e. one where I actually was being consulted about something. And when I got off the bus today I took my first outdoor run since, oh, I don’t know, freshman year.

You see, I am contemplating running my first half marathon, next January. Up until this point I’ve slowly improved my treadmill running, going further and faster to the point where on a good day I can now go about 4.5 miles in 50 minutes, including warm-up and cool down. For me, this is pretty impressive, considering that around this time last year I considered a mile or two an achievement. For someone who wants to run a half marathon, this is a long way off. Between work and comtemplating the move and taking care of other things, I have not been to my Medford-area gym in two weeks. Today I ran from the bus stop home, and ran the 1 mile distance in about ten minutes. It was hard! I’m sure part of it is that I’ve been out of practice for the past two weeks, but a lot of it is running outside — the pavement is harder, the air hurts my lungs, and I have to worry about streets and people and cars. One mile run in a not incredibly impressive time, and my throat really hurts. It is good I reached home when I did, because I could not have gone much further. Not an auspicious start to my future marathon career, is it?

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