Stupidity meets new heights

I realized that a new TV season is approaching and since I don’t watch commercials I’m not really up on the new shows coming out. Not really knowing where to turn, I loaded up the websites of the major networks. Now, first of all, they need to make it a lot clearer which shows are new and give me short blurbs about them, rather than throwing me through stupid Flash animations. But the height of stupidity was when I went to CBS, which offered a thingy that lets you watch previews for the new shows.

Click, it pops up a little window, fine, click, it goes to load the preview, fine, it takes a while, fine, and then it tells me that this CBS video clip is brought to me by… And follows that with an *ad* an *ad* before I watch the *ad* for the new show. It is almost as if they are actively trying to get me to dislike them, to turn away as many visitors as possible. I have to watch a 30 second spot about joining the Army or getting prescription Ambien before I can watch the trailer for their new show?

Well, I’ll tell you one network whose shows I will *not* be checking out. Good job, morons.