I go out to the campus shuttle at 10:00pm, and get home right about…now. Phew. I lugged my 60 lb. server around Grad for a while until I found Joel’s place, we spent some time setting it up (apparently Mac OS X won’t boot without a monitor…wha????), and then I caught a van back.

First we went into Waltham with four drunk guys (“You know what, Victory has food!” “Yeah, that’s cause they’re a supermarket.” “Oh, yeah.”) and they got me and the driver donuts in exchange for us waiting for them to get…donuts. Then we went back. So I’m here. Yay! And AgBlog is back on the air after a few days of darkness, and my server is up and running so that I can access everything over the break. And tomorrow…err..today, at 9:30am, I catch the Airporter to the airport, and then, home free! And I have four DVDs saved up for the flight. So it’ll be fun. But…oh crap…still have some philosophy to do. Sigh.