Copyright Warning

“Although copying all or part of works without obtaining permission is quite easy to do, such unauthorized copying is a violation of the rights of the publisher and the copyright holder. This is in direct contradiction with the values an educational institution attempts to instill.”

Among other lessons this institution attempts to instill: cheating students by charging $25 for a 200 page course packet of all but illegable copies of court briefs, all of which are in the public domain. So what royalties require them to charge the astronnaumical fee of $25? Let us assume 5 cents a page plus a dollar for binding. That would be $11. And I still think that is high. Damn you, XanEdu Publishing! We really need to stop contracting everything out…

4 replies on “Copyright Warning”

  1. The next upgrade you need on your web page is a spellcheck or an editor.


    But we love you anyway.
    PS: None of my college children can spell either except your mother.

  2. Even worse, is Reich’s class–a compilation of copies
    from a bunch of books–the price is in the 140s….

  3. generally I agree with the comments on course packs. Unfortunately copyright clearance houses – if the publishing house did go through it – adds some cost to the pack.

    My beef is the quality. You’d think that by now the copies would be crystal clear renditions from a digital source (I mean, given the fact that it is 2002, and we’ve had years to perfect this sort of thing). I’m generally unimpressed with the direction the publishing industry has taken the computer age

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