Pathetic much?

Just because I’m writing two entries in a row about television does not mean that is all I do with my life. Ah contraire! I do other stuff…like…read. And make web pages. Okay, I admit it, I am pathetic and I sit around watching TV all day. Well, except for the “pathetic” part. And the “sitting around all day” part. Its just that I don’t get off campus much (if at all). So I’m starting to consider myself (and most of Brandeis) pathetic in that way.

Anyway, just forget that last paragraph. Let us now turn to sleep patterns. Rich Graves suggests to all students the importance of a good nights rest. Well, my body being screwed up as it is, I find it hard to ever get a good night’s rest at night, rather it seems to happen more in the morning. First I tried going to bed earlier and just lying there until I slept, and for a while it was somewhat working, but I always found myself tired in the morning anyway. So then I spent a few nights staying up late, which if course worked out none too good. Anyway, last night I decided that, screw it, it’s Friday, I’ll just go to bed when I get tired. Heh. So I watched Becoming, the 2 part Buffy season 2 finale. Again, ouch. These are the episodes referred to by the MBTV recappers as, “essentially clinical depression in a box set.” In other words, if you want to cry yourself to sleep, this would be your theme song. Or whatever. So at about 6 AM, after having watched Becoming, and having rewatched a few scenes, and having listened 4 times to the Sarah McLachlan song Full of Grace, I decided to go for a walk. After much dressing (remmber, this is the East Coast, and the temp. was 20F with 15MPH winds), I took a walk down by the castle, to the Gosman sports center, around back by the fields, and then back up to Usdan. For some reason the cafeteria wasn’t open for breakfast yet at 7. Pity.

End result was me going to sleep at eight in the AM, and waking up in time for the second half of Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me on NPR. The astute among you will thus realize that I awoke at 12:30ish, making for 4.5 hours of sleep. If I wasn’t screwed up before, I must be now. But geez, that was damn good television. I think I’ll go watch it again, but then I’d better move on to season 3 before any suicide urges come bubbling up. I’m totally getting the sophmore year of high school vibe all over again, and it sucks, but geez, I dunno. Anyway, yeah. That is that. I’ll go eat breakfast now.