Three cool summer jobs at Berkman — you know you want it!

The Berkman Center is an awesome place where you get to rub shoulders daily with movers and shakers in the cyberlaw and cyberpolitics fields. Other perks of working here include a nifty email address, cool lunch talks on cyberlaw topics (with free food!) every Tuesday, and, of course, decent summer pay for a student who needs a short-term job.

So with that said, I’d like to announce that we are looking for three students or recent graduates to fill the following positions, which can either be classified as paid jobs or paid internships, depending on how the mood strikes you. These jobs are flexible — you need to be able to fulfill the minimum requirements, but if you can do more or have additional interests, we can probably expand the scope to take advantage of your extra skills.

|^. *Web Designer*
$11.50/hr. | This position includes responsiblity for creating new web site designs and site graphics based off a pre-existing style manual and some sample templates. Work will include designing new, visually-appealing sites and graphics for technology conferences, Berkman projects, and other event sites. You would be interfacing with research fellows and Berkman staff, determining their needs, providing sample sketches and diagrams, and creating clean, effective, and appealing web sites that can be implemented in HTML. You should have a good understanding of the abilities and limitations of HTML-based design, but do not need to have any coding experience. |
|^. *Web Developer*
$10.50/hr. | This position includes responsiblity for creating new web sites based off a pre-existing style manual and templates. You should be extremely comfortable coding well-formed HTML with CSS. Much of the work will involve modifying existing desigs for use as WordPress templates and formatting new content for web display. You should also have experience using MediaWiki (the software that underlies Wikipedia). If you have additional design or development experience (such as web site design, graphic arts, or coding for the web) the scope of the job can be expanded. |
|^. *Content Specialist*
$9.50/hr. | This position includes responsiblity for assisting Berkman staff and project fellows in creating and updating web sites including project and conference sites. This position would include some measure of copy writing and editing, so good writing, spelling, and grammar skills are a must. You should have some experience with basic HTML and have used WordPress or another blogging tool. This position will also be working on wikis as well as our in-house content management system. Some time would also be spent cataloguing, capturing, and posting pre-recorded multimedia content, including conferences, lectures, and the like. |

Start and end dates are flexible but should be around June 1 — Sept 1. Please send all resumes and links to zeno _care-of_

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