Lots-o-stuff to report. Classes good, Hour of Presence meeting good. I got to talk to Rick Sawyer, Dean of Facilities (I think) about the new dorms, which actually look incredibly cool. The design people there told me that these days its easy to go to reshalls.com or whatever and order a new dorm on the internet for construction in six months, but it will be boring, kinda like the one I’m in right now. This new one is terraced and separated into “communities” and and chock full of “gathering places” &c. In short, it is very well thought out, and I hope to be in the first crop of people living in it! 🙂

Rick also told me that reports to the contrary, the Mods will not be closing down at the completion of this dorm, because they simply don’t have enough beds. Furthermore, it is likely that at least one of the parking lots (T Lot?) will be going in the next decade to make way for more housing, buildings, etc. This means they will be tiering (sp?) another parking lot, making some kind of parking garage thing. So Brandeis is getting big!

DaveW his informed me that, not only do I get a job, I also get back pay for the stuff I’ve already done. Schweet! First, however, I have to fill out some forms and prove to Brandeis once again that I in fact am an upstanding US citizen. Sigh.

About a week ago I put a counter onto AgBlog since I never check the logs and I really have no idea who is visiting. Imagine my surprise when I found that in 8 days or so I had received over 500 hits. Anyway, the counter now displays on the bottom of the page.

Other thoughts: wind is eh. Cold wind is ick.

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  1. I too am suprised at the number of hits my website gets. I attribute it to google.com’s kickassness as well as the fact that quite a few medium profile sites linked to gnuyen.com (from before I jacked it).

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