Just one example

I can buy _The Jetsons_ season one on DVD for $25, complete with multiple languages, special features, and commentary tracks, and I can play it in any standard DVD player or use (admittedly illegal) tools to transfer it to my computer and/or iPod. Or I can buy _The Jetsons_ season one as DRM-encumbered Windows Media files for $38 with no commentary, no special features, and no ability to play it on a DVD player, much less an iPod (or even a Mac!).

Yeah, Amazon, I’m afraid your new video download service, so carefully negotiated to appease Hollywood and other rights holders, is not the least bit appealing to your actual customers, people like me. You need to do a lot better, and the only way you’re going to do that is by sticking up against the big rights holders and negotiating terms that favor the people whom you actually want to buy your videos.

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