Yippee, an outing!

Okay, fine, we now know who the actor is that plays lonelygirl15. Big whoop. To the people who feel “angry” and “betrayed” for taking it seriously and being duped, meh. I don’t feel your outrage. I don’t really care *who* she is, what I care about is the *what* and the *why* of the videos. Perhaps its because I and the people I know who are watching the videos didn’t go in from the start believing they were real. Perhaps its because I’m not caught up in the current YouTube hysteria of “citizen created” crap and the hundreds of thousands (?) of people who put up boring, low quality, badly-edited video blogs. Or perhaps its just because some of us have been around the internet block a few times and know now to take everything so gosh darn seriously.

The lonelygirl15 storytelling is not amazing (perhaps a limitation of the medium they are emulating), but I find it captivating enough to keep watching, and I will continue to even though it is now “confirmed” that the characters are figments of some writers imaginations. The bigger question, I think, is what the story is about, where it is leading, why is behind it, and what they are getting out of it. Will it turn out to be some big viral marketing campaign with more effort behind it than any we’ve yet seen? Some filmmaker’s pet project? A promo for a video game or movie? I guess we’re just going to have to wait a month or so and see where we end up. I certainly hope the backlash doesn’t cause this experiment, or whatever it is, to end early, before the interesting bits are revealed.