City of Angel Travails

The father and myself spent a day on the town Friday before I had to come back to school. It was a good opportunity to see all the things that I, as a person of the LA-area, am supposed to be able to say I have seen. So where did we go? And where have I been? Well, apparently I’ve been more places then I realized. Santa Monica…check. Pasadena? Yeah, been there a few times. Used to live in Irvine. Have seen Hollywood and Century City and Universal City and all that. Have been by some studios, not that that means anything, since there is nothing to see outside. I’ve been dragged kicking and screaming to a few beaches in my time. On this excursion we checked out the Venice Beach area, and had a look at some shops and such. What else? Hmm…not really sure. Perhaps dad can comment and remind me, so that my checklist can be completed.

I have certainly done a complete 180 in the past year or so with respect to my appreciation, or lack thereof, for Hollywood. For some reason I am really excited now at the prospect of working somewhere in the ‘biz over the summer. If I have my schedules right, (and I’m usually wrong with schedules, but alas…) TV shows should be finishing up filming in the next month or so and then taking a few off before beginning again in, oh, I would estimate, May or June. But apparently new shows in development are starting to shoot now, so who knows…point is, there should be something interesting for me to do over the summer. Now if only I had remember to bring all of my resume material back to school with me…

As soon as it gets Fedexed, I’ll send out the main load of my resume/cover letter/application things. Wish me luck. And cross your fingers with me that the job I get does not end up involving filing. Not that I don’t like filing, it’s just that I don’t like filing, and also, I want to do something INTERESTING. Speaking of interesting, I should probably move on to some of my masses of reading now. Not that I will…but I should.