Round and round

When I drove to work I could sing along to the music.

When I rode the bus, I could read a book.

When I walk, I ponder.

Whenever I was doing one, I missed the other two. Right now, with the walking, I miss the uselessness of riding a bus and the feeling that I can read because there is nothing else more important that I should be doing.

One reply on “Round and round”

  1. That’s why I like my commute to Berkman. Walking to the commuter rail early in the morning, there’s nobody on the sidewalk, so I can sort of hum along to my music. On the train I read. And then walking from Porter to Berkman, I ponder.

    If I’m feeling adventurous (and I’m sitting in my own row), I can sort of hum along quietly on the train 😉

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