One reply on “MetaFilter discussion about the creation of Israel”

  1. And no matter what anyone thinks about the issue, there are plenty of facts in the article that are not just contested, but just plain wrong.

    Here is an interesting fact: All Citizens of Israel (including Arabs, Christians, Jews and Athiests alike) enjoy greater religious, political and social freedoms than any other country in the Middle East.

    And an opinion: If Israel were ruled by (for example) Jordan, there is no way in hell that any Jew (and possibly Christian) would ever be allowed to visit any holy sites within the current borders of Israel. There is a good chance that others wouldn’t even be able to set foot in the country.

    Yes, the article is in fact quite interesting. Too bad MetaFilter linked to it without even mentioning that it should be taken with a grain (or mine full) of salt.

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