Oh, this again

I thought walking to and from work each day (2 mi) would be a decent baseline exercise program, all things being equal, for maintaining my weight. Boy was that wrong. Sedentary lifestyle plus lack of kitchen (more eating out and take-away), among other things, is taking its toll. I got on the scale tonight and found out that I weighed five pounds (2.3 kg) more than last time I checked. And last time I checked I weighed five pounds more than the time before!

I’ve had a target weight in mind for years, and never been able to achive it, even when I was eating better and exercising frequently. If I start now and lose a pound a week for six months (a fairly conservative plan), I can maybe get there.

I’ll keep you posted.

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  1. sounds like you have a support group. What are you doing now to lose the one pound per week? How is the kitchen progressing?

  2. Checking back in nearly three months later and…well, my weight hasn’t gone up, at least. 🙂 Sadly, it hasn’t gone down either. Winter weather isn’t helping — going to the gym is so darn boring, but going outside is so darn cold.

  3. “but going outside is so darn cold”

    I went out running today (approx 12F, -7F “RealFeel”), and found that the cold isn’t really the problem – you can take care of that with a few layers. My biggest problem was actually trying not to slip on all the ice. Come on Waltham! Learn how to salt your roads!

  4. What are you, an ENT now?

    In any case, my ears were covered by m’hat (some kind of wicking material, REI, $15). My neck was covered by my sweater and my windbreaker (the most important part of my cold-running gear, IMHO) both of which have zip-up necks that come to my chin.

    My face being cold doesn’t tend to bother me too much, and I just kinda gave up on caring if my nose was running — I’m gonna get all sweaty anyway, so what’s a little snot?

    Some people use wicking scarves and cover their mouths and noses with them. Others use those ridiculous masks that cover the lower 2/3 of your face. When my face gets really really cold, I just pull my sweater up over my face for a few seconds, and I’m ok.

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