An Event Apart is coming to Boston

Hey! An Event Apart, the conference/workshop/thing featuring expert web developers, designers, and thinkers, is coming to Boston in March. I’d love to go, but I’m certainly not paying for it myself, and it’s probably not fair to even ask my ever-frugal employer to shell out $795 for something like this. Hmm.

3 replies on “An Event Apart is coming to Boston”

  1. Wow! Why is it so expensive?

    The linguistics conference I’m going to in January is only $50 for three days – and that’s because I’m not a member of the LSA (if I were, it’d only be $40). To be fair, those are the student rates, and non-student non-LSA-members are charged $125, but still!

  2. It’s so expensive because it is a professional design conference, not an academic conference, and big companies want their big designers and developers to go hear from the big experts and learn big things. 🙂

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