3 replies on “The Fountain”

  1. I wish I invented the Ecosphere. Someone is making a lot of money selling a few tiny shrimp, some gravel, and some protein. At least you don’t have to take your Ecosphere out for a walk. Just put it into a dark place to kill off the algae.

    Tell me where I missed the boat on this one!

    How big an Ecosphere are you hoping for?

    Also, I read that movie was pretty obscure. You seem to be one of the few people who cared for it. Hmm.

  2. It’s Nasa technology! Its a closed system that can survive for 2-15 years. Which is pretty cool. If overpriced.

    Very few critics cared for the movie, but it does seem to be developing somewhat of a cult following. I thought it was beautiful, and quite interesting to ponder. Maybe if its still in theaters around Christmas time I can drag you to it. 😉

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